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My Very 1st Lego Set.

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What better way to start this blog in  regards to Legos than my very first Lego set as a tot? This set was released (in the US) back in 1975, but I remember getting it around ’77, which would have put me at around 6 years old.

I remember it was purchased at Toyville in the Stonewood Center in Downey, Ca. Back then, the entire venue was an open-air marketplace and not enclosed like it has been for at least 20 years.

So, 1977…I was already introduced to Hot Wheels and board games and that was pretty much it. The Star Wars phenom did not exist quite just yet so… action figures of ANY kind <<<<<< Man, that felt weird to remember a time before Star Wars :o.  I can’t even recall what made me choose this set in the first place but I remember the Lego commercials and how they appealed to me. I honestly can’t remember what made me choose this set than any other ones present at the time.

I remember getting it to my Grandma’s house, opening the 16 pc set and unfolding the directions to assemble it. A whopping 1 page, two-sided illustration of the set itself.

Little did I know that this was to be the first of alot of Lego instructions that I would come across since then.  I know it’s not the best pic of the instructions to see the full detail of the how-to process but I’ll see if I can resize and edit to post at a later time. It still does show the simplicity of putting one of these sets together. Heck….I was only 6 when I did.

It wasn’t until the following year (’78) when I radically increased my Lego collection via allowance, birthdays, Easter and Christmas presents in choosing the Legoland series. which mainly consisted of the construction vehicles and soon, in the coming years…it spilled over to small houses, then Police and Fire Stations and buying up as many roadplates to have my version of a full-on Lego City in my room.

So there you have it.  And to think that It all started w/a little 16 pc Lego biplane set.



Welcome to my Zzyzx Bryxx Blog…

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Thanks for peekin’ in. I know it’s not much….heck, it’s not anything….yet, but lemme just say in the coming days, this will change.

This blog was created for me to showcase strictly Lego items, either projects in progress, tips, vids and possibly….maybe a rant or two. Because of the blog name, it is not for Mega blocks or any other type of toy building blocks and there is definitely no affiliation w/masonry. Oh yeah…..the name. Zzyzx (rhymes w/physics) and Bryxx (an alternate way of spelling “bricks”) looks confusing…..hence the break down.

I’m excited to be starting this new blog and hope it does what I think it’ll do… help in contributing to the wonders of the Lego brick and what can be built from them.

Feels like I just moved into a new house or something…..blank & boring walls w/no furniture, nothing to show that it’s mine or what this blog is all about.

Like I said, in the coming days….this will change. Check back on occasion to see what’s been added to the Zzyzx Bryxx Blog and I hope ya like what ya see in the real near future.

Brick on!