Welcome to my Zzyzx Bryxx Blog…

Thanks for peekin’ in. I know it’s not much….heck, it’s not anything….yet, but lemme just say in the coming days, this will change.

This blog was created for me to showcase strictly Lego items, either projects in progress, tips, vids and possibly….maybe a rant or two. Because of the blog name, it is not for Mega blocks or any other type of toy building blocks and there is definitely no affiliation w/masonry. Oh yeah…..the name. Zzyzx (rhymes w/physics) and Bryxx (an alternate way of spelling “bricks”) looks confusing…..hence the break down.

I’m excited to be starting this new blog and hope it does what I think it’ll do…..to help in contributing to the wonders of the Lego brick and what can be built from them.

Feels like I just moved into a new house or something…..blank & boring walls w/no furniture, nothing to show that it’s mine or what this blog is all about.

Like I said, in the coming days….this will change. Check back on occasion to see what’s been added to the Zzyzx Bryxx Blog and I hope ya like what ya see in the real near future.

Brick on!



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