My Lego disclaimer for MOC pics.

Lego Pic DisclaimerThis is a preemptive strike that I’m launching here in regards to the pics that will be coming  in the days ahead and thereafter.

No doubt that there are alot of  creative folks in the Lego spectrum and it is in the realm of possibility that I may show something that I’ve created that you may have seen before but unbeknownst to me.

So I created this MOC in hopes that y’all don’t think I’m some kind of  “rip-off” artist (<<<and I say this loosely) while posting my Lego MOC’s. This blog is in its infancy and I hope to deter any foreseeable problems. In  the event that you’ve seen something similar to my MOC, I would like to see a pic of it for reference purposes. Otherwise, I share my pics to inspire others to be creative in their unique style, since inspiration is what drove me to be creative w/Legos and to start a blog to assist in showcasing it in the first place.

Looking forward in sharing my MOC’s w/y’all.

Brick On!



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