Space Police MOC jail cell. (Watermark test)

Here’s a pic of a finished MOC jail cell which was inspired by the fact that at the time of designing this build, there was no Space Police HQ, nor was their any knowledge on my part of the Space Police Central building set that’s now hittin’ the shelves….at least in TRU.

I wanted to protect my pics as well, so I worked on a watermark which in hopefully not too obvious too ruin the shot but at the same time, enough to be seen if this pic happens to appear on anyone elses blog or site.

I have more pics of the cell to showcase it’s features such as large observatory windows and built-in lasers to seperate adjacent cells. I just wanted to post this pic to give y’all something to “bite” on.

Any constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking.



One Response to “Space Police MOC jail cell. (Watermark test)”

  1. I should also add that I plan to provide a video to show how the cell was built and to list a complete inventory of the pieces used in making it. Stay tuned.

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