Lego PAB: Cramming’em in the cup.

Less vs. more

I need bryxx aplenty!

Sometime last week, I found myself needing to go to the Lego Store in Downtown Disney (my local store – 10 min. drive) to purchase a bulk of black bricks if they were available. I was hoping to find some 1×8’s or at the least, some 1×6’s….but all they had at the time was 1×4’s; and not very many at that either. So I decided to grab them all lest for not being able to complete my project that I featured a couple of blogs back, my Lego MOC disclaimer.
For those that are not familiar with the term PAB, it stands for Pick-A-Brick, where you are able to fill either a small cup (pictured) for $7.99 (before tax) or a larger cup-about twice the size for $14.99 (which is a better deal depending how you stack the pieces) and load it to the fullest w/all the bins varying in color, shape, style and etc.,that are at your fingertips.

I could maybe use some of these…and these…oh, and these too.

After looking over the few dozen bins that were at the Anaheim, Ca location, I really didn’t see anything that I needed for any Lego projects that I currently have going, but this is my 5th or 6th time visiting the PAB section and far be it from me to just grab the entire available amount  of the black 1×4’s and call it full, was not an option. I gazed again and my mind was looking into the future of what I could use the pieces for. Once I knew what to do with them….it was GAME TIME!; and the name of the game was…..TETRIS!

One full cup.

Y’all remember TETRIS, don’t ya????  To fill up a horizontal layer w/the bricks that the game arbitrarily throws at ya???? Well, that’s kinda what we got going on over here. Of course, I’m not trying to have a complete horizontal layer of bricks from side to side, I’m trying to fill every gap, nook and cranny with whatever bricks the Lego store surrenders. Making stacks of 7 or 8 for the bigger pieces and 20 of the smaller orange ones. Not to mention, affixing the translucent red plates on top of the black bricks, all for the sake of space. It took just a little over an hour until I was content with what I could have crammed the cup with.

Then end result.

The lucky bunch

As you can see, not a very diverse group of my Lego bounty, but they will be utilized on up and coming projects. I know for sure… I’ll be using the orange round plates for some type of font work soon; and it just so happens that the orange ones were indeed the majority of this particular cup. The black and white brick were utilized on the MOC disclaimer billboard. Ended up w/way too many extras of those black bryxx, but it’s always better to have too much, than not enough. I’ve learned that lesson very early on in the PAB aspect of Lego .

The BIG haul

And now….the group shot. Be sure to click on the thumbnail to get the count of each brick and then… the grand total of all the bryxx that I was able to cram in the smaller-sized cup.

As you saw, I was able to turn a pitiful amount of Lego (103 black bryxx) into a hefty surplus of extras (663 bryxx total). About 6 times the amount I gathered due to some time and patience which thankfully, I had both on that day.

Price Comparisons.

So let’s get down to the low-down:

  • In purchasing just the 103 black bryxx @ $7.99 (small cup), each piece would have costed me $0.077….or $.08
  • The cost of 663 bryxx in the same cup, we are looking at $0.012…..just a tad over 1¢ per piece.

And if you’re familiar w/ then you also know that you won’t find the bigger bryxx in new condition for 1¢/piece; and let’s not forget about adding in  the cost of shipping those 663 bryxx to my domicile  either. However, in all fairness to bricklink, I was limited to what only The Lego store had at the time, but…I did walk away w/more than enough bryxx to finish my MOC disclaimer and have a surplus of extras that I will use in upcoming projects. I feel I just got lucky that particular day at the Anaheim, Ca location because the majority of the time I check the PAB bins, there’s nothing that I want/need and I just end up going home empty-handed, but not that day.

Ready for transport.

The cups themselves.

For those that aren’t familiar w/the whole PAB thing and to further elaborate what is said on the stickers, whenever you purchase any of the 2 sizes of cups w/the bryxx enclosed (they won’t sell the cups separately due to store policy), they keep the contents in place by affixing a couple of stickers on the lid,allowing you a discount when you re-use the cups (w/the stickers) for both sizes on your next visit but remember to BRING THE LIDS or you’ll have to purchase a new cup w/lid and that voids the whole discount altogether  You receive a 25¢ discount (before tax) on the smaller cups and a 50¢ discount (before tax) on the larger ones. A great way of Lego doing their part in keeping green w/the environment.

Personally, I rather buy the cups to fill’em w/the bryxx than to save on the discount for re-using them, because:

  • they are great for storage for your Lego, or anything else you want to store
  • they are stackable
  • they will be a collectible item in the future, just like almost anything w/the Lego name in the aftermarket arena

Finding a Lego store nearest you.

For those that would like to visit the Lego store to check out the PAB section for the kids or yourselves:

  1. Log onto (or use the link on my blogroll to the right)
  2. Pan towards the bottom and click on the “Lego Stores” link (3rd link of the four columns of the left)
  3. Click on your country’s link or the country that you’re interested in, they are just underneath the “Lego Stores” in red towards the top of the page
  4. Then click on the location closest to you that features the general information of the store itself.

All stores change the bricks in the PAB bins often, so what you see now may not be there next time. Plus, there is NO way of telling what bricks are in the bins beforehand, it is a crapshoot of what you’ll find at any given store, that’s why I mentioned about my luck of finding the pieces that I needed on that day. Like I mentioned before, there have been a few times where I go w/the intention of picking up some bryxx and I go home empty-handed. It’s all completely random and it’s all up to each individual store of what they put out, so the best of luck to you when you decide to visit the PAB section.

This was fun for me in bringing you this blog in regards to the Lego PAB. I will most definitely be posting more of my “PAB hauls” in the future w/the inventory and the amounts of what I picked up. Until then….

Brick On!


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