The Zzyzx “State of the Blog” address.

"So many ideas and so little time."

First off, I always like to thank those that take the time and interest in reading my blog. The “sandwich” seems to be getting bigger as I add more ingredients to it. I remember when I just had two buns and that was it.

Every day as I wake up and look at almost anything, I think on how I could incorporate it on my blog. There are tons of Lego blogs out there and I really enjoy reading and viewing them. I believe that great ideas spawn more great ideas. My problem is that I input more than I output and that leads to me just pause for a moment to “gather my legos”…so to speak.

In previous posts, I have mentioned about adding video to my blog that would demonstrate how I build the MOC’s that I feature. I also mention that there are things that I will show in upcoming posts and they get put back on the burner due to new things or ideas that I come across but they are ideas that I feel will make this blog a joy to read, so I push back the previous ideas to input the newer ones…at least on paper. But I WILL see the video aspect through so it will add a more personal touch to this blog

Then there are things that I feel I must address at that moment and I just blog about them…like this very post for example. I just want to let y’all know that when the blog goes into a lull for several days, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to blog about or show….far from it. It just means that I’m gathering the info and figuring out what I want to share at that moment.

Not to mention the other things that are going on in my reality outside this blog that add speed-bumps to the progress of this blog. I think the minifigure head above sums it all up….don’t you? LOL.

Just thought I would let y’all know what’s going on at the moment. And again….thanks for taking an interest and allowing me to share a little brick with you.



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