: Another site dedicated in showing Lego MOC’s.

It never ceases to amaze me just how many different MOC sites that are out there. I literally just discovered this site as an advertisement on Facebook of all places. The above piece was created by an artist called “rongYIREN”

The site features all sorts of creations. Spaceships, Mechs, Castles, Dioramas & etc with the artist’s name in a hyperlink that warps you to their respective Flickr accounts to show their entire photo stream. Simple yet….brilliant. For me, is just another tool to utilize in gathering ideas from other Lego artists to use in my own future MOC’s.


2 Responses to “ : Another site dedicated in showing Lego MOC’s.”

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  2. glad you like the site! i’m definitely trying to keep it simple, and inspiring other builders is one of the key goals.

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