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Fergie earns my respect in Lego outfit.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to make an “about-face” on yet another music performer who I would not consider giving the time of day to watch perform…let alone, of what she wore.Yes…I’m talking about Fergie.

Why me no likey?????

To be honest, I can’t think of a good reason to explain why Fergie rubs me the wrong way, but I’d bet there are a few males that would loooove to have her rub…..Oops, NEVERMIND! I got to remember to stay on topic here.

So let me think… “Why do I have a problem with Fergie”?
She’s not ugly, but looks are all not that important to me anyway, in a general sense. She knows how to shake her “lady lumps”, but then again….I enjoy watching Tori Amos just sitting at the piano while tickling the ivory’s. Fergie can sing, from only the small evidence of songs that I happen to catch on pop FM radio, which I don’t really listen to. Although I’m not too fond of the studio version for The Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” where she repeats the song title excessively, I absolutely bump the Lil’ Jon remix of the same song where you don’t hear Fergie talk over, she in fact….SINGS! But then, she sounds beautiful on “Don’t Lie”. a ballad from a previous BEP album.

Just as there was never a reason for me  not to accept her as an entertainer/person, there was just as much reason to accept her as well. I just could not see it. Kinda chickesh!t, isn’t it? After all…who the hell am I?

I’m a Lego “newbie” that’s also a “newbie” in blogging…

…that just happens to have egg on his face, pulling the foot outta my mouth so I can eat crow….talk about multi-tasking. I’m also the guy that heard about Fergie showing up in a Lego dress at her recent appearance to Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards that took place this past weekend.

I’m also the guy that spent about 5 minutes registering myself on to spend another 5 minutes on replying to the post about the Fergie dress being a “hit or a miss”. A funny thing happened while I was typing text to put my perspective on the topic….I found myself being open-minded about Fergie.


But I didn’t stop there…

Nope, I’ve decided to address it here on my blog. As I’m researching the info for this very post, I was discussing the whole Fergie Lego dress with my Brother who just happened to mention that Fergie’s Black Eyed Pea counterpart…., had sported some Lego of his own at the American Music Awards back in Nov. of 2010.

When I saw the above pic, my mind got to thinking, which led me to speculate about Fergie’s mindset on the whole Lego dress altogether. Let me stress again that I was just speculating the following sentences.

Was Fergie impressed with’s Lego accessories so much that she wanted to take it up a notch and be in a total lego ensemble? I (slightly) only know of their music because mainstream/hip-hop is not one of my strengths in music knowledge, let alone if has some type of fond memories of the bryxx that I’ve known and come to love…again,  just in a recent couple of years. And what of Fergie? Does she have some of the same memories of Lego just like her band mate? Probably, probably not…I don’t know these people.

Did not only Fergie like the idea of a Lego dress, would she seek out a designer for the said dress, be caught in it in public, photographed and yes….PERFORMING in the very same dress, no matter what the fashion consequences, if any????

I don’t care who you are….that takes guts and character. Something that I like in my celebrities.

Am I to ever think negatively of the Fergalicious performer again?


Dolluck???? What are you talking about,Seb?!?!?!?!?!?

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So…no sooner does my son Sebastian discover (and I re-discover) the joy of Lego a little over a year ago, he goes on youtube to watch various vids about them. Stop motion movies, Lego set reviews, home movies, you name it…he watches it; and whatever he watches, he usually builds it so he can have his own out of the plethora of bryxx that we have.

I’m sometimes in the room with him when he’s watching these vids. Some are rather hilarious, some are rather….hmmm- interesting and some are just “zzzz”.

Suffice to say, I am a child of the 70’s myself. The only science fiction/space TV programs that I was exposed to was “The Twilight Zone”, “Star Trek”, “Battle Star Galactica” and “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.

My son is talking AND building gibberish.

Fast forward to about a month ago, Sebastian announces to me that he’s going to build his very own “Dolluck”.
“A what????”, I ask. “A Dolluck, Dad”. I’m shaking my head as I’m tidying up the kitchen and thinking that he’s having fun with his old man and just making words up, but he’s never been one to do that, so…I just shrug my shoulders and tell him to “have a nice time with building your ‘Dolluck’ “…and yes, it’s pronounced the way it’s spelled, just in case y’all were wondering.

" darling"

Sure enough, my boy returns in about 30 minutes with what appears to be a steampunk version of a vacuum cleaner and what I would imagine…the perfect mate for “Rosie the robot” from the Jetsons – which happens to be another program I used to watch in regards to space, though I wasn’t sure if the “Dolluck” was male or female due to its ambiguity.

“Look at my ‘Dolluck’ , Dad…whatd’ya think?” And like the Dad that I should be, I respond with “Oh….that’s a pretty good “‘Dolluck’ , dude.” Of course in my mind, I have not the slightest clue of what he just showed  me, but like I said….he’s built stuff from youtube before and he’d done a great representation of the things he’s seen, so I wasn’t about to question it, plus – he was quite proud of it and that’s all that matters.

Mystery solved.

Later that night as I walk into the bedroom where Seb is on my PC watching youtube right before I prep him for his evening shower, I hear a somewhat familiar theme song. “Bubba”, (my nickname for him), how on earth do you know of this show???? I don’t even know this show”. I was just familiar with the theme song since it was sampled in a song called “Doctorin’ the Tardis” by The Timelords which received heavy FM radio airplay on our alternative-rock station KROQ in the late 80’s. The song also mimicked Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll-Part 2”

“Dad, this is where the ‘Dolluck’ came from”. I peer into the monitor…low and behold I see the words “Dr. Who: Dalek” plain as day. Needless to say…I was dumbfounded, flabbergasted and any multi-syllable words of “duh” that you can think of. I can barely make out the good Dr. if he was in a line up and if you asked me to single him out….let alone a Dalek. I never watched the show, I just knew of the theme song as mentioned above.

Yes, the pieces are mix & match colorwise due to not having the particular parts in certain colors, but dang…my boy did a great microscale of the Dalek, thanks to him finding a video on how to build one out of Lego.